More About The Blogger: My Collection

I’ve touched on this before, but since my first exposure to Romeo and Juliet, I’ve amassed something of a reputation among my peers as being a bit of a Shakespeare freak. To that end, this makes giving me gifts easy: just find something with my buddy Will on it. In the past, this has been packages of bandaids, stickers, and a couple of limericks (it’s always the best to get gifts written from the heart!). So when I’m asked the small-talky question of if I collect things, I have an additional answer: flower crowns (lame like me), art postcards, and Shakespeare paraphernalia.

Now, only some of my collection has been given to me by others. Much of it –my beloved Midsummer DVD, my editions of certain plays– I bought myself, but I still very much consider it part of my collection. And of course, the items have different levels of usefulness. My Will action figure, for example, does little more than stand smugly in front of my books, but I love him regardless, while I use my quote mugs on a near-daily basis, including right now, as I write this. (How does “quintessence of dust” sound for an insult? Got that one right off the mug.) As a rule, I try to have more practical objects than not, but Lord, I can’t resist all temptation.

I understand that this post contains no character propositions, no analysis, no socio-political insights. But every once in a while it’s just fun (and kind of helpful to the community, I delude myself into thinking) to share little personal trinkets like this. In addition, I know some people may be considering getting some Shakespeare tidbits for themselves; this way, I can give you my thoughts on what I have, at least.

So, the following images are of I would say 90% of my collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shakespeare action figure can be bought here. Folger editions can be bought here.


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